Strike and violence at USP the biggest University in South America


USP is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Brazil and Latin America, with approximately 75,000 enrolled students. It has eleven campuses, four of them in the City of São Paulo.
The Times Higher Education 2008 World University Rankings ranks USP as the 196th top university in the world, with a top ranking in Latin America
It is very unfortunate that our country is worrying about 2014 World Cup knowing that we lack in education which is extremely crucial for the development of Brazil.
Professors, campus workers, students, are all asking for a decent raise, improvement of the campus and worker’s benefits.
It is shocking that the police react with violence! This reminds me the dictatorship times when students used to be beaten up and killed for protesting. If all the Brazilians thought and acted as an USP student this country would be a better and different place to live!


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  2. Eigentlich n super Kommentar, nur kannst du im nächsten Post nicht ein bisschen umfassender schreiben? 😉

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